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Paramount Urgent Care

Servicing the central Florida area, our centers have on-site labs, medicines, x-rays, EKG & more. Walk-ins welcome – no appointment needed. Tourists rest easy, we accept travel insurances, as well as most other insurances. Urgent Care centers are a great alternative to the hospital emergency room, as the cost is less, and service faster. We treat most minor, non-life threatening conditions and all illnesses cared for by a family doctor.


Patient Testimonials

My daughter was diagnosed with the flu, and no pharmacy seemed to have the medicine she needed. The staff called around until they found a pharmacy with Tamiflu. Thank you so much!!! I really really appreciate the extra mile and will recommend Paramount to all my friends.

Jessica L.

Thank you so much!!! I really really appreciate the extra mile and will recommend Paramount to all my friends. My daughter was diagnosed with the flu, and no pharmacy seemed to have the medicine she needed.

Sarah D.
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Is It a Fracture or a Sprain?

Sprains are injuries of the ligaments, whereas fractures are breaks in the bone. Unless you see signs of obvious disfigurement, which indicates a fracture, it isn’t possible to definitively determine whether you have a sprain or a fracture. Go to a walk-in clinic for an accurate diagnosis, which might require an X-ray. In the meantime, keep weight off the affected area and apply an ice pack for pain relief.

Watch this video to hear more about the differences between sprains and fractures. This healthcare provider explains how fractures can cause further damage if they aren’t treated. She also explains some of the more serious symptoms to watch out for, such as numbness and tingling.

When you need high-qualityurgent care in the Orlando area, you can put your trust in Paramount Urgent Care. Please to see our walk-in clinic locations near you.

Do I Need Stitches? (And Other FAQs)

Minor scrapes rarely require a trip to awalk-in clinic, unless an infection develops. But if you sustain a laceration that won’t stop bleeding, you probably need stitches. Stitches, or sutures, hold the edges of the wound together to stop the bleeding and facilitate healing. The urgent care doctor can answer any questions you have about sutures, including the following:

Do I need stitches?

Applying direct pressure to a wound should stop the bleeding within 20 minutes or so. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, you might need stitches. Other indicators that sutures are needed include:

  • The area is numb
  • The wound is on the face
  • The wound is jagged
  • The body part doesn’t function normally

What do stitches feel like?

You shouldn’t feel any pain when you receive stitches. The doctor will thoroughly numb the area first, and you’ll feel a pinch from the needle used to inject the anesthetic. After that, you should only feel a slight tugging sensation as the sutures are placed.

How are sutures placed?

Contrary to popular belief, doctors do not apply stitches in an unbroken line. Each stitch is placed individually. This way, if one suture becomes looser or tighter, it won’t affect any of the others. Don’t cut the ends of the stitches, as these are used to remove the stitches later.

Can a sutured wound still get infected?

Yes. Germs are microscopic and can pass through the smallest of cuts in the skin. Follow your doctor’sinstructions for cleaning the wound. You’ll likely be asked to wash it gently twice per day, apply antibiotic ointment, and put on a fresh dressing. Avoid saturating the wound with water. You may shower, but pat the wound dry right afterward and replace the bandage.

How long will the stitches stay in?

It depends on the laceration, but sutures are usually left in place for a few days up to a couple of weeks. The removal of stitches doesn’t hurt—you won’t even need a local anesthetic.

Paramount Urgent Care is a leading destination for high-quality, compassionate medical care in Orlando. Our four locations treat all types of non-life-threatening, acute injuries and illnesses—from lacerations to food poisoning. for more information.

Unusual Signs of Asthma

Asthma is often considered to be a child’s disease, but it can actually develop in adults, too. In fact, many adults don’t realize they have a chronic respiratory disease because asthma doesn’t always follow the same pattern of symptoms. Some adults may not experience the wheezing or shortness of breath that is characteristic of asthma in kids. This is one reason why it’s important to schedule an annual physical exam, even if you feel fairly healthy.

During your exam, let your doctor know about any unusual issues you’ve been experiencing, such as a persistent cough or problems sleeping. Some people with asthma suffer from chest pain or tightness, indigestion, and excessive fatigue or exercise intolerance. Rapid breathing, frequent sighing, and anxiety are other possible characteristics of adult-onset asthma.

If you haveasthma, you can find the patient-focused care you deserve at Paramount Urgent Care. For more information, please