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Senior Doctor with Stethoscope

Corporate medicine, more often referred to as occupational health, is geared toward the healthcare needs of workers. Wellness in the workplace is under increasing scrutiny as more employers realize that sick or injured employees are unproductive employees. By partnering with a walk-in clinic that offers occupational health services, employers can do right by their employees and strengthen their businesses.

Preventive Wellness

Prevention is unquestionably the best medicine, and preventive wellness services can help your employees stay healthy and productive. Preventive wellness encompasses health screenings, which are tests or exams that are performed despite the absence of symptoms. Health screenings allow doctors to catch signs of disease early, which allows for early treatment. Preventive wellness also encompasses health risk assessments. A physician can evaluate a patient’s risk factors, including his or her family and personal health history. Based on this information, medical management, additional tests, or lifestyle counseling may be advisable.

DOT Physical Exams

DOT physical exams are different from regular annual wellness check-ups. They must be performed by licensed providers who are certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to perform these exams. At a walk-in clinic, commercial drivers are evaluated for medical conditions, impairments, and medications that disqualify them from operating commercial vehicles. DOT physical exams protect companies from compliance problems and protect the safety of everyone on the roadways.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing is important across many industries, particularly those in which workers must operate heavy machinery, drive vehicles, or handle sensitive information. Employers can partner with an urgent care clinic to arrange drug and alcohol testing for their current employees and job candidates.

Workers’ Compensation

Prevention may be preferable, but illnesses and injuries caused by work-related activities will inevitably develop from time to time. When they do, your company needs urgent care providers who have the right expertise and experience handling workers’ compensation issues.

Paramount Urgent Care provides corporate medicine services in Orlando, Oviedo, Lady Lake, and Clermont. At our walk-in clinics, your employees can receive preventive wellness services, DOT physical exams, drug and alcohol testing, and acute care for orthopedic impairment. You can contact us at 352-674-9218 for more information.