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Female athlete drinking water

Summer may be all about being outside, but sometimes the price of fun in the sun can be heat-related illnesses. As temperatures soar, falling victim to a heat-related heat issue is always possible, but there are steps you can take to dramatically decrease your risk. Stay out of the urgent care clinic and enjoy the summer without risking your health with these tips.

Get Hydrated

The risk of dehydration increases during the summer, as you sweat more but may not remember to drink more. Avoid summer dehydration by increasing your water intake, especially when you’re spending extended periods of time outside. Keep water with you when you’re going to be outdoors, and increase your water intake by snacking on water-rich foods, like watermelon and celery. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so keep sipping water to stay ahead of the curve. If you feel thirsty, dizzy, and nauseated, you could be seriously dehydrated and may need urgent care.

Seek Shade

Spending extended periods of time outside on hot days can lead to dangerous episodes of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, two conditions that require emergency care. Try to avoid being active outside during the peak heating hours of the day – generally between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. When you are outdoors, spend time in the shade instead of under the full blaze of the sun. If you’re at a pool or the beach, cool off in the water frequently, and consider sitting under a shade umbrella. Dizziness, disorientation, nausea, and fainting are all indications that you could need medical care.

Cook Carefully

Food poisoning cases spike during the summer because hot temperatures and food safety don’t mix. When you’re eating outdoors, make sure hot foods are served hot and cooked to proper temperatures, while cold foods are served cold. Don’t eat food that sits out in 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher temperatures for one hour or in lower temperatures for two hours. If you believe you could have food poisoning, seek urgent care.

Paramount Urgent Care is here to ensure illness doesn’t make you miss a beat this summer. Get urgent care in Orlando, Oviedo, Clermont, and Lady Lake when you need it at our convenient walk-in clinics. Find out more by calling 352-674-9218.