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Woman pressing HIV AIDS ribbon as symbol of prevention.

Undergoing HIV testing is an important step in taking control of your sexual health and protecting your sexual partners. There is a misconception that testing is only for a select group of people, but in reality, everyone between the ages of 13 and 65 should be tested at least once in their lives. HIV testing can be performed quickly and confidentially in an urgent care center, so you can get the answers you want without even having to make an appointment with your primary care doctor. Some people may also benefit from more frequent HIV testing. If you’ve already had a negative test, you may need to be retested in these circumstances:

You Have Shared Needles or Other Drug Paraphernalia.

Sharing needles when injecting drugs can potentially expose you to blood from someone else. If that person has HIV, the virus could be transmitted to you via the shared needle. Although many people are aware of the potential of transmitting the virus via shared needles, what you may not know is that sharing other items, such as water or cotton used when taking drugs, can also be dangerous. If you have shared any drug paraphernalia that could have exposed you to blood from another person, you should consider getting tested.

You Have Had Multiple Sexual Partners.

Having multiple sexual partners increases your risk of contracting all forms of STDs, including HIV. Your risk can be elevated further if you are a man who has had sex with another man, you’ve been treated for other STDs, or you’ve traded sex for drugs or money. You should also consider testing if your sexual partner has engaged in any of these behaviors.

You Have Had Sex With Someone Who Is HIV Positive.

Having sex with someone who is HIV positive doesn’t mean that you have definitely contracted the virus, but it is possible. Even if you used protection, if you have had intercourse with someone who is HIV positive, you should get tested.

Paramount Urgent Care offers confidential HIV testing. Serving all of Orlando, Lake, Polk, Sumter, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. Please visit our contact us page for a location near you or call 352-674-9218.