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Zika Virus

Now that the Zika virus has been detected in some Floridians, it’s important for couples to stay vigilant if they are expecting or are planning to have a baby. A walk-in clinic can perform Zika tests for patients who have reason to believe they might have been exposed to the virus. Zika is normally detected through blood or urine tests.

To determine if you should be tested for Zika, the urgent care doctor will ask if you’ve traveled to or live in an area in which Zika has been reported. If you’ve had sex with a person who might have been exposed to Zika, you may need to be tested as well. These recommendations apply to women who are pregnant or might be pregnant, even if they aren’t currently displaying symptoms.

Paramount Urgent Care provides trusted medical services in the Orlando, Oviedo, Lady Lake and Clermont areas, including tests for Zika. To find a walk-in clinic near you, give us a call at 352-674-9218.