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Doctor bandaging the patient's hand

Sometimes, even minor cuts can become problematic if they get infected. And if you have a medical condition that suppresses the immune system or delays wound healing, such as diabetes, it’s particularly important to visit an urgent care center for an infected wound. Cleanse the wound regularly, apply fresh dressings, and keep an eye out for the potential signs of an infection.

Seek medical care if the wound begins discharging cloudy fluid, or greenish or yellowish pus. A little pain and swelling are normal, but a wound may be infected if it displays worsening swelling, redness, tenderness, and pain. Redstreak marks emanating away from the wound should be evaluated by a healthcare provider right away. Fever is another possible sign of wound infection. If a wound infection is left untreated, it’s possible that serious complications can develop, so don’t delay seeking emergency care.

Urgent care in Orlando is available seven days per week at Paramount Urgent Care. For more information, please visit