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Childrens playing on beach

During your summer holiday, one of the last places you want to be is at an emergency care center because of an accident. Go over the following rules with your children to help keep them safe while spending time at the beach:

Know Your Limits

When heading to the ocean, one of the most important things for your children to know is how well they can swim. To help stay safe, they should remain close to shore and wear swimming safety equipment as needed. Also, keep in mind that if your kids haven’t been to the ocean before, that it is a significantly different experience compared to a pool or a lake.

Choose Safe Waters

Even for experienced swimmers, unfamiliar waters can present challenges or dangers. If you notice that an area of water seems appealing but lacks any swimmers, then there may be a reason for it. Find out about any local spots that are not ideal for swimmers, and stick to locations where others are swimming safely.

Know About Riptides

Also referred to as undertows, riptides are the channels of water that flow from the shore back out to the ocean. Teach your kids how to recognize these potential dangers and instruct them not to go near piers and jetties, as undertows frequently develop around these structures. Additionally, ensure that your kids know how to get out of a riptide by swimming parallel to the shore, rather than toward it.

Have Constant Supervision

Just like with your pool at home, your children should never be in the ocean without adult supervision. Be sure that they know to always have a guardian with them while swimming. Also, do not leave your children unattended for even a short time, and assign a specific person to watch them if you need to step away.

At Paramount Urgent Care, we provide a broad range of health services to help keep you and your family safe year-round. To learn about our locations for pediatrics and emergency care in Orlando, Clermont, Lady Lake, and Oviedo, please contact us today at 352-674-9218.