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Caution Poison

Poison ivy can be an unwelcome reminder of a day spent hiking or playing outdoors. The resulting rash may clear up on its own, but some people benefit from getting medical care for an outbreak, particularly if they have severe symptoms. Could poison ivy be to blame for your rash? Here are the signs you need to know.

Poison ivy causes a red rash that is usually extremely itchy. It often appears like it has lines through it and may also blister or swell. It may appear to spread, but this is simply a delayed reaction on some parts of your skin. Contrary to popular belief, it is not contagious and you cannot infect other parts of your body. If you have a poison ivy rash and it has oozing blisters, significant swelling, or is on your eyes or genitals, gets medical care to get it under control.

Whether you have a rash, sore throat, acute pains, or angina, Paramount Urgent Care is here to help with all of your urgent health care needs. Visit one of our four locations when you need urgent care in Orlando and the surrounding areas, or call us at 352-674-9218 when you need more information.