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Women taking asthma pump

Asthma is often considered to be a child’s disease, but it can actually develop in adults, too. In fact, many adults don’t realize they have a chronic respiratory disease because asthma doesn’t always follow the same pattern of symptoms. Some adults may not experience the wheezing or shortness of breath that is characteristic of asthma in kids. This is one reason why it’s important to schedule an annual physical exam, even if you feel fairly healthy.

During your exam, let your doctor know about any unusual issues you’ve been experiencing, such as a persistent cough or problems sleeping. Some people with asthma suffer from chest pain or tightness, indigestion, and excessive fatigue or exercise intolerance. Rapid breathing, frequent sighing, and anxiety are other possible characteristics of adult-onset asthma.

If you have asthma, you can find the patient-focused care you deserve at Paramount Urgent Care. For more information, Please visit our contact us page to see our walk-in clinic location near you or call 352-674-9218.