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Blood pressure tool with toy heart

Your blood pressure is a measurement of how much your blood pushes against the sides of your blood vessels as it is pumped through your body. You may not experience any symptoms when your blood pressure is too high (hypertension), but this can put added strain on your heart and arteries. The only way to diagnose this condition is through a blood pressure screening, which can be performed at a walk-in clinic.

Blood pressure is measured with 2 numbers. The top number is the systolic blood pressure, and the lower one is called the diastolic blood pressure. Normal blood pressure has a systolic measurement under 120 and a diastolic measurement that’s less than 80. Anything above these numbers can fall under prehypertension, stage 1 high blood pressure, stage 2 high blood pressure, or hypertensive crisis, which requires emergency care.

Monitoring your blood pressure is a great way to help maintain your health. If you’re interested in getting a blood pressure screening near Orlando, Clermont, Lady Lake, or Oviedo, then please come and see us at one of the Paramount Urgent Care walk-in clinics. For information about our services or locations, please call 352-674-9218.