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Sick Young Woman Lying On Bed Holding Thermometer In Bedroom

Fever is an effect of the immune system, which raises the body temperature to help fight off infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and other foreign bodies. So, if you have a fever, it’s actually a sign that your immune system is doing its job. However, a fever may be cause for concern when you see a particularly high temperature on the thermometer or if you have a chronic illness that affects your immune health. Let’s take a closer look at when you should seek medical care for a fever, rather than relying on at-home care.

When The Fever Is Over 104 Degrees Fahrenheit.

High fevers are considered dangerous because they can begin to cause brain damage and have more severe symptoms associated with them. If you have a fever of more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to head to urgent care for professional medical attention. For children, the threshold for a high fever is lower—about 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit—so you will want to carefully monitor your child’s fever and call a doctor if it gets into this range.

When You Have Other Symptoms.

Certain symptoms accompanying a fever can indicate serious medical conditions. For example, muscle stiffness, neck pain, and confusion along with a fever can be signs of meningitis. Skin rashes, blisters, and severe body pain or headaches and fever should also be met with medical care.

When You Have A Chronic Illness.

If you have a chronic illness such as cancer, AIDS, or diabetes—or you take immunosuppressant drugs to manage other conditions—you may be at a higher risk for complications from common illnesses. Therefore, any fever might be a sign that you should see a doctor to avoid more serious issues with the illness.

When you are worried about a high fever, flu symptoms, or any other ailments that can’t wait for an appointment, visit Paramount Urgent Care at one of our convenient locations. No appointment is necessary to see a doctor right away! Serving all of Orlando, Lake, Polk, Sumter, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. Please visit our contact us page for a location near you or call 352-674-9218.