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Person bandaging on hand

While some burns are mild and can heal without treatment, others are more dangerous and require emergency care. 1st -degree burns are the mildest, and their symptoms include swelling, pain, and redness. 2nd -degree burns are more serious and can cause blisters and white or splotchy skin in addition to 1st -degree burn symptoms. Finally, 3rd -degree burns are the most severe and the affected area of skin may appear white or charred, and all layers of the skin are affected.

A 1st -degree burn should not require medical attention unless it affects significant areas of skin or major joints. If a 2nd -degree burn is larger than 3 inches or covers a major joint, then you should seek medical help. Finally, 3rd -degree burns require immediate medical attention.

Paramount Urgent Care specializes in providing emergency medical care at our walk-in clinics in Oviedo, Clermont, Lady Lake, and Orlando. If you’ve suffered a burn and need medical care near Orlando, then please visit us or call 352-674-9218 to learn more about our services.