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Paramount Urgent Care
Now Under New Ownership


As of November 1, 2022, Paramount Urgent Care clinics are owned and operated by HCA Healthcare and on a new Electronic Medical Record system. As of November 1, you may start to see sister urgent care clinic names such as MD Now Urgent Care and CareNow on medical records and billing statements. These are part of the same family of brands owned and operated by HCA Healthcare.

Here are answers to questions you may have about the change:

Are all the Paramount locations staying open?

Yes, all locations will remain open.

Are you changing your clinic hours?

Our normal clinic hours will remain the same: seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Are the medical providers and other staff the same?


Do you still have my patient records from past visits?

Yes. If you were seen at a Paramount clinic, our providers will be able to access your medical history.

Can you send my primary care physician information about my clinic visits?


Are your services changing?

We will continue to provide urgent care services for minor illness and injury, as well as lab services, X-rays, and COVID-19 testing, however there will be some small adjustments to services offered, and we will no longer be providing the following:

• Vaccines for Children (VFC) Vaccinations
• On-site medication dispensing. Patients will need to visit their local pharmacy to retrieve their prescriptions.

Will Paramount still offer Telehealth services?

No, we will be disabling Telehealth services temporarily.

Do you treat children and infants?

Paramount providers evaluate patients ages 3 months and older. However, whether we can provide treatment will depend on the patient's symptoms. If necessary, we can recommend an appropriate specialist.

Do you still take my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans. Visit or call the clinic nearest you for details.

Can I just walk in if I need treatment?

Of course. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Where can I retrieve my medical records?

• To retrieve medical records for a visit prior to November 1, 2022, please email or call 352-399-0237.
• To retrieve medical records for a visit after November 1, 2022, please call 844-422-3627.

How can I retrieve lab results after a visit?

• If you were seen at a Paramount clinic before November 1, please call 352-399-0237.

• If you were seen after November 1, you can access lab results through the BioReference Laboratories Patient Portal.

Where can I go to pay my bill?

• If you were seen at a Paramount clinic before November 1, 2022, please call 352-399-0237

or email

• If you were seen after November 1, 2022, please call 844-422-3627

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paramount Urgent Care?

Paramount Urgent Care is a multi-location state-of-the-art urgent care clinic able to treat any medical condition deemed non-life threatening.

What days and times are you open?

We are open 7 days a week from 9AM to 7PM.

Where are you located?

Paramount Urgent Care has multiple convenient locations to serve you. Please visit our Contact Us Page for the clinic near you.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans. We also accept workers compensation. Please feel free to visit our website or call the office to verify if your insurance is accepted.

What type of medical services do you provide?

We provide a wide array of medical services to the public. You can find the complete list by visiting our Services Page.

How is Paramount Urgent Care different from my primary care physician?

We are always there for you and the community. We are open 7 days a week, from 9AM-7PM and even on holidays. We allow walk-ins throughout the day without the hassle of having to make an appointment.

Do you accept workers' compensation?

Yes. We accept workers' compensation at any of our locations.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. No appointment is needed. Feel free to walk in anytime!

What is my Copay?

Please check your insurance card, many times they will have a copay listed next to Urgent Care or Specialist Visits. You can also call the number on the back of your insurance card and they can verify your payment. Or please feel free to call the office and our receptionist will help you.

What is your average wait time?

Average wait time is 30 Minutes to 1 Hour.

What will I need to bring?

Photo ID and most up-to-date insurance card. Photo IDs; Driver’s License, Passport, and School/Work ID. We will verify your insurance and collect your copay.

Do you accept Traveler’s Insurance?

Yes, we accept Traveler's insurances. Please feel free to call the office for information and the process to initiate a claim.

Do you see motor vehicle accident (MVA) and injury/PIP(Personal Injury Protection)?

Yes, We do accept patients that are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Please feel free to call the office for information and the process to initiate a claim.

What kind of provider will I see?

Paramount Urgent Care is staffed with knowledgeable and certified physician assistants and medical doctors.

What services are offered?

Paramount Urgent Care offers a wide array of services. Please visit our Service Page

My doctor gave me an order for blood work or X-ray. Can I do this at your facility?

Yes, we do lab draws for both Quest and Labcorp. X-rays are done at each of our Paramount locations. Reports will be automatically forwarded to the requested party.

Do you take appointments?

No, we see patients on a walk-in basis.

Do you do immunizations/shots record transfers? Record transfer to Florida Shots?

Yes. Shots/Immunizations transfers.

Should I visit Paramount Urgent Care or should I go to the ER?

We offer reliable cost-effective alternatives to the emergency room and can treat most general illnesses and minor injuries. If you are experiencing a life-threatening illness or injury please dial 911 immediately or go to your nearest ER.

Can we do CT scans or MRIs?

We do not have the capability to perform these in our clinics, but we do have multiple imaging centers that work with us closely to have these orders done in a timely manner. For emergent/urgent cases, we will get any tests done the same day.

Do you do well visits/check ups?


Do you do pelvic exams?


Do you do STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Tests? Do you treat for STDs


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