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Several Orlando-Area Offices for On-Site Urgent Care

Paramount Urgent Care understands the importance of getting medical treatment for an emergency as soon as possible. All of our locations offer on-site urgent care to the communities in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. When a sudden injury or ailment causes you suffering, we address it with prompt medical care to relieve any pain or discomfort and resolve any damage. Our staff of urgent care providers includes experts in a variety of medical specialties. This comprehensive medical expertise ensures you get the best possible care for whatever non-life-threatening condition brings you into one of our offices.

Comprehensive Urgent Care for Patients

Patients can count on Paramount Urgent Care for treatment when they need it. Getting prompt medical attention and care for emergencies gives you the best chance of recovery and minimizes the damage from a trauma or health condition. All our locations offer on-site urgent care for a variety of medical needs, including the following:

Acute pains

Acute pains can be a sign of an underlying issue such as a muscle tear or other tissue damage. Our medical professional will help relieve the pain and treat the source of it to ensure long-term recovery. We have onsite XRAY.


We understand your body’s balance of hydration and how to stabilize it when your hydration levels have dropped to a level of concern. Whether heat, exertion, or lack of water have rendered your body to a state of emergency, we treat dehydration to return you to better health.

Burn care

Leaving burns untreated can lead to more severe issues such as infection and permanent tissue damage, depending on the severity of the burn. Let our urgent care providers assess your burn and apply the proper treatment, allowing it to heal and restore your skin and tissue to a healthy condition.

Nebulizer treatments

Lung conditions and respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can all benefit from a nebulizer. It’s a breathing machine that delivers medication to patients in the form of a mist, which the patients inhale. Nebulizers are often used when it’s difficult or ineffective to use an inhaler.

Intravenous therapy

Whether your urgent care treatment calls for an infusion of medication, or just rehydration, we offer safe intravenous (IV) therapy that we administer as comfortably as possible.

Versatile Expertise for Your Emergency Care

At Paramount Urgent Care, we value the communities we serve. Patients are welcome to receive proficient medical attention from professionals with expertise in a broad range of urgent conditions. We provide treatment using state-of-the-art labs and medical technology. Visit any of our locations today for urgent care in Orlando, Clermont, Lady Lake/Villages, Windermere, Casselberry, and Oviedo.

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